Râdâh Ministries and Academy entails the tutoring, mentoring and assessment of students from the level of Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor, Honours, Masters and Doctorates. It also consists of an Institute of Christian Counseling as well as an Institute of International Research.

Prof Dr Connie Brand is well known for Counseling and Deliverance Ministries for the past twenty years. In this field she specialises in Bloodlines and  Deliverance. During 2007 Connie released eleven books on Spiritual Warfare of which copies are placed in the five State Libraries of South Africa as well as in various Universities inland as well as some libraries abroad. She obtained the degrees Bachelor of Ministry in Christian Counseling suma cum laude, Honours in Mentoring, and Master of Ministry in Theology cum laude at Calvary University in 2002, 2003 and 2005 respectively. In the Masters thesis entitled: AN EXPOSITION OF BIBLICAL WARFARE CENTRAL TO CHRISTIAN INVOLVEMENT IN A THEODICY CONSIDERED FROM PHILOSOPHIC – THEOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVE – the research-result generated new hypotheses on the meaning and Biblical interpretation of Spiritual Warfare.

This study is invaluable in furthering Christian understanding of the problem of evil but more also it analysed and interpreted the End Time Prophecies of the Bible, showing the way for the Christian believer to share in the victory of the Lord Jesus Christ. In her PhD thesis entitled: EXOTERIC AND ESOTERIC EVIDENCE PERTAINING TO THE STRUCTURES AND STRATEGIES TO DESTRUCT CHRISTIANITY – INVOLVING THE THEODICY OF DARKNESS – as a promovenda she not only elucidated the theodicy problem, but also provided vital insight regarding the overt and covert workings of the secret forces of Darkness both natural and spiritual – forming the contemporary worldview pertaining to destruct Christianity in regard to the Biblical exegetical implications as per-ordained by Almighty God to fulfil His Eschatological plan for the whole of HIS CREATION.


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