Prof Dr Connie

About Our Founder

Connie M J Brand was born in South Africa. Prof Dr Connie Brand is a well known counsellor, author, researcher, teacher and speaker on many topics concerning the ministry and Spiritual Warfare of Jesus Christ as seen through the Bible. She is President and Founder of Râdâh Academy and School of Discipling as well as CB Mentoring. 

 Presently she promotes Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral Students in Theology as well as practising and teaching Ministry of Christian Counselling. She is an ardent researcher as will be seen in her Research Portfolio. She specialises in Leadership training and deliverance of the Leader Corps in Ministry both in South Africa and abroad. She focuses also on Bloodline/ generational deliverance and Spiritual Warfare. Prof Dr Brand received Bachelor of Theology in Ministry, Honours, Masters of Ministry in Theology, Doctor of Philosophy in Divinity/Theology and was nominated and received a Doctor of Letters in Creative Ministry Theology. She published eleven Academic works that are available in the four State Libraries as well as the Parliamentary Library in South Africa. Some of her books are at Universities in South Africa as well as overseas. She excelled in Creativity, Leadership and Academics from an early age. She obtained a dual qualification in the field of Higher Education in Fine Arts and Speech & Drama and taught Fine Arts for 10 years. She furthered her qualifications and experience extensively on an International level, specialising in Ceramic Art and Sculptural Pottery at Evanston Art Centre Illinois, and The Art Institute of Chicago respectively. She returned back to South Africa with her husband Chris and settled in Pretoria where she opened her own Studio and Art Gallery while passionately raising their three children. Her sculptural pieces and murals were exhibited around the world, carrying the message of God’s Creation. Obeying the call of the Lord she entered into full time Ministry in 1990 and due to the prompting of the Holy Spirit she launched Râdâh Academy. During 2007 Connie released eleven books on Spiritual Warfare of which copies are placed in the five State Libraries of South Africa as well as in various Universities inland as well as some libraries abroad. In 2007 CB Mentoring was established to mentor students in completing a Masters of Theology and Doctor of Philosophy Degrees.

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